Goth Young Lovers at War – Short Review


This is an old-fashioned love story. A warrior male loves a female in his tribe, she is promised to another make in another tribe. This union will have both tribes merge together and hopefully become strong enough to fight the Romans. Male and female both not happy, just duty is in effect. Besides the historical part of this, it is a very very common story. The ending is ok, not worth the read, art reminds me of a sloppy art style, I am not a great fan of the style. So here is my take on it.

Story – 5/13 a very common told to death story, the ending is not as common still is a meh experience.

Art – 3/13 like I said this art and coloring, not my liking so I will never give it a great score. 

Value – 3/13 this is a one-shot, that is where it belongs if you going to make it. Anything more will just be beating a dead horse. 

Overall – 3/13 This is a comic to just know it exists if you get it, odds are that person hates you or thinks lowly of you. This is a comic if you avoid you will not miss it. Other comics have done this story better or better yet movies.

Middle of Goth Book, one page that shows something
This shows the amount of how this book is done plus art style. The whole book is like that some pages with text and some without.

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