Short Review – Joker 2019

After some time I finally went to see the Joker movie, and after thinking about it for a few days and seeing what others have to say, I think it is time for me to put in my 3 cents, so here it is a short review from a crazy person.

What I suspected before I saw the movie – I thought the movie would humanize the Joker, making him human and relatable to us all then something like his girlfriend dying would push him over the edge and make him do something really insane and end up falling in the vat of chemicals turning him into the Joker.

What did I see – A movie about a person suffering from a head injury that suffered abuse at a young age and after many years he stops taking his meds all while killing people. This means Batman literally beating a brain-damaged person… this is not great.

Review – SPOILERS!!! (Duh!)

Ok, let’s start with Arthur Fleck he is well, he had a bad childhood, his “mom” adopted him and raised him, when he was young his step-dad abused him and bet him to the point he has brain damage. One side effect of this damage is he laughs when he is under stress or something like that mostly when not right. He has a card to hand out for this… he lives with his mom who is fairly crazy herself, she thinks Arther is her son and Thomas Wayne is his father… Yes, they had to bring the Waynes in this movie, not just background this is a plot point. Arthur even meets a young Bruce (Batman) along this route. Later Thomas tells Arthur his mom is insane and was in Arkham, then he takes her file and finds out the truth. 

This is when he just let’s loose and starts to kill people and become the look of Joker due to a mask he wore and people using it as a movement. Then he goes and kills a few people, starts a riot and then kills the host of the TV show he loved to watch with his mom. Oddly enough at the end of that or during he did not laugh which you would have thought he would have. Also, his girlfriend was a mental illusion and he really did not go out with her. The same riot leads to the man that kills the Waynes to kill them, and you see Bruce standing there like wtf. 

Really, this movie could have been better. It was a good movie, just not a good Joker movie. This humanizes Joker, which I suspected, and makes his someone with a real mental disorder, not like the comics, yes Joker is insane, he never was brain injury insane. I really can not get over that, and how old Joker is supposed to be in the movie? I would say around 30, so not only does Batman beat up an old man, he beats up a brain-damaged and mentally ill old man… Yes, this is what we wanted. He is the kicker… “Director Todd Phillips said that he intentionally left it ambiguous as to whether Arthur becomes the actual Joker as seen in traditional Batman stories or inspires a separate character” So did we watch the Joker or someone else? 

Score – It was a good movie, just not a Joker movie. That line from the Director also kind of made it so he can make whatever movie he wanted and if the movie does not do good it was not Joker and if any fans do not like it he can say it was not Joker and if it does great it was Joker. It is an easy way out of the fire. At the end lots of people liked it, I did not mind it, it does take a while to get going the first 10-20 minutes is really slow, you feel each minute. After it picks up it is better, I really did not like how they made him grow, why the abuse and brain injury? That is tropes!!! Bad ones at that, well the abuse is. I did not feel great about it, something in me hated it a lot. In end I will give this movie a 6 out of 13, I just can not see it being anything more than another movie that missed its mark and DC being DC again and making a movie just for money.

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