One of my D&D Characters

For those of you that do not know, I play D&D 5th Edition, I actually play two games weekly. I wish I could do more, just work gets in the way and not the work I want to do, mostly work I have to go to a building and do it. The comic shop work I like a little just does not pay great, my other job at a gas station I do not like at all, and it is the one that fucks with me being overnight and making it hard for me to do things. Since I spend more time adjusting to sleeping patterns than anything and always tired.

Anyway enough of that, as I said I have two D&D sessions a week, this is my character for one of them. She was a Cursed human Plague Doctor, the person that put a curse on her decided it was time to quicken it and made me a Plague Demon (all GM-approved sorta) What that means is there is no real stats or anything for a Demon besides monsters, and well to make it weaker is basically what I did, I showed the GM a few times including character sheet so far no reply.

The idea is she has these abilities that instead of magic and she can only cast these a few times a day based on level, atm it is 7 because level 7, I am working on it to see if she is too strong if she is then I will have to lower it to 1 per 2 levels plus 1 I think. That does not seem as OP. The abilities do not change, they just get stronger as she levels and more get added every so often (thinking every 2 levels) Besides that I mostly did things in being the demon that did this to her is a fire demon and added some resistance to that element and she is immune to Poison and Disease. If you do want to see her character sheet as I improve her along the way say so. I will be happy to show to everyone, I may just make a better character sheet to showcase her skills and so on.

This is what she looks like as of now before any GM interference. I think she may have alignment change and also well, she a fuckin demon so people will not like her. I will update everyone as I play her and change her also after GM tells me anything. Any questions ask away.

Something else before I finish up, I made up spells and changed some dmg of spells to not make her damage to OP for level 7 and what I did. She mostly follows a warlock kinda path, but really is different. Also, the demon I used as examples was really op, so I adjusted it all. So mostly I made up a few things gave it dmg rolls, Also made sure one ability path was stronger than others. She was a bit op before she became a demon, it made some sense she be a bit stronger after, still learning tho. I will work on balance as the weeks go on.

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