New Comics 19/10/02

My Monthly Red Sonja comic comes in, (Maybe I should just do this when I read them…) and Finally the SheTrump comic came out, about time -_- it was supposed to come out last December, and nothing ever came. I really do think the Trump Comics are a thing of the past now, no one really cares about them anyway. Also, I ordered like 5 of these and 2 or 3 came -_-“

Ruby Falls, I like the art and it does look interesting so far, to the point I made sure I am getting the whole Mini. Rags is almost over or is over with this issue, I forget. I really wish I got the first issue.

This 2019 Pin-up does have some comic in it. What quick page flip I saw it was good. Zenoscope has great art and always does fan service. I am ok with it from time to time, really tho Zenoscope has a good story and great art. Too much fanservice not needed. Copra… It looks fine, I am not a fan os what I saw just yet.

Necromancers Map… If you know anything about me, I love Necromancers, I have no idea why… -_-” So really I heard of this and I hope it is not disappointing. Spider-Verse # what? 500 already. We see how it is.

Under a Moon is by the same person who wrote the Raven comic (I think), I did like that Raven comic, just not a fan of going over every character known to man. This one tho, I got the FCBD comic and I liked it, so I wanted to read it all since then. I got my wish =3 Vengeance of Vamirella, another series again, I am sure I will like, do love our alien vampire of sorts.

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