New Comics 19/09/11

The new comics once again, I know the only post I do because I force myself to do it @@ Got to force myself to do others…

You see a Chainsaw Reindeer and Try not to get the comic!!! Evil… And Belle of course.

Always will get a Gwenpool comic and Moon Knight I just wanted to read the annual, catch up on old moonie.

Got to get Cassie’s only comic I know of… Still not happy with Orphan identity or Costume I do like Young Justice Animated one, tho did not like how they let her just try and kill someone a bit against her character. Pandemica… Looks ok, not gonna get issue 2 but so far is ok to get issue 1.

Red Sonja I will always get not very happy with this cosplay cover, the hair is wrong and belly button piercing and the undies you can easily see… It is ok just not great. Chastity is a good comic back in the day hopefully it be better or just as good.

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