New Comics 2019/9/4

More new comics, mostly because it is the easiest thing I can update weekly with since I get comics weekly, LOL

The first issue of the Vampirella and Red Sonja series, I really liked this cover over the others. I have no idea why maybe because I can draw almost like that. Then we have the Red Sonja #7 Linsner Virgin cover, really did not think I would get it, yet here it is. Cost lots -_-“

Infinite Punishment seems like an ok comic, nothing great, just worth a shot at reading. Ghost Spider Annual with Arcade… I guess everyone has to enter his game once at least…

I love necromancers so I, of course, have to get Mystere series, that is a given. Black Widow I got mostly to have and I like the cover plus she may be getting her own movie we see.

Vampblade is always a nice one to see, this cover makes her look like a Gothic Fairy, and I do love Fairies, remind me to tell everyone about my D&D game where I was a Fairy Cleric. Rick and Morty Flesh Curtains I mostly got for my sister, I do not mind Rick and Morty, I am just not a fan of the comics. I do like how they are expanding the universe with the comics.

Spawn finally hit issue 300 and well, I got one, this cover I liked the most, with an 8$ price I could not get all the 4 covers as I did not see it being a great idea to get all 4 as I did with Detective Comics when I got 11 covers. SO I just got the one I liked the most =3 And Oz, I hope Dorothy fixes OZ looks like things are not going well.

Soft Wood, it seems to be a One-Shot of Spoof comics from Heavy Metal I am mostly curious about this one I will rate and review this one for sure.

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