New Comics!!!

HELLO ALL!!! Like every week today is the new comic day!!! YAY!!! Actually this week I am happy because Gwenpool came back for mini-series and it starts this week =3 YAY!!!!! So let’s start!!!

Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019

This is Jungle Fantasy, it is mostly a Mature comic in which everyone gets naked and have sex normally for no reason. I got this to do some research on other Jungle Girl comics for my own series. I think I will not learn much from this one other then people get naked for no reason. Do you guys like that sorta thing and would want to see it in my comics? I have no real intentions to bring random nudity for no reason… So yea suspect some just not like this comic.

Red Sonja is a comic I collect this series is actually pretty good, not great I do like it. Hit-Girl is in Hong Kong killing people like always, I do like the B&W covers I been getting them for months. Really funny. Rags is a comic I like I plan to get the GN but hell the first issue worth so much money @@ Never suspected that nonsense lol.

Scream’s first issue, I decided to get it she is one of my more fav Venoms. Not the best honestly. Outsiders, I just hope they get ride of Batman soon, I only get this comic for Cassie she is my favorite. Once & Future is a new comic, this is a special cover so I decided to get it for that reason alone honestly.

Gwenpool Strikes Back!!! My favorite Marvel character (ATM) she is still being published somewhat and I like the way she acts, I saw these three covers, and I had to get them all, not making mistakes this time. I am happy with this =3 I cant wait to read it.

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