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This week I decided to get a few Graphic Novels / Trade Paperbacks, I wanted these comics, just not enough to hunt down the single issues and found it easier to just order them and cheaper, lol.

These are all the Graphic Novels, the Executive Assistant series I started to like a few weeks ago when I read a few issues. I wanted to learn more and now I will say I know more, LOL Kato was just one I liked, the idea of a female Kato and to be related to original one was a great idea, got to love Bruce Lee. That Wildstorm comic, I ordered the wrong one so figure I read it anyway, no harm in that and resell it or something. Jasmine and Musketeer, I liked the story, just not enough to get the single issues, I like it enough to get the Trade.

The normal end of comics, I only got three, that was a shock for me and two of them was just issues I saw and decided to get them. Grimm Fairy Tales is one I get monthly, you should have seen it once before, I am liking the whole story so far, though not great, I am liking the Oz connection they having with Dorathy in a different body now. Coffin Bound I looked though it looks… ok nothing great I will see about if I like it after I read it. Future Foundation… I really do not think I will like, just worth a try, you never know really, then again I do not like Fantastic Four. I did like what I saw so far, once I read I will tell you if I will keep collecting or not.

That is it for my comic collection if anyone has any suggestions for comics I should read send me a message or post below never really hurts =3

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