Kickstarter Rewards

Sorry all, for a few days or updates missed, I been in a really bad mental place, though after talking to someone a few hours ago while convincing him, I also helped myself. This will help me for a few weeks or days varies what happens… Anyway, here is something I got from PO Box, tho I need a better PO Box since they do not get FedEx or UPS items, so I will get a new PO Box in a few weeks.

I got my rewards for two Kickstarters, I plan to support a Kickstarter every month and wait for rewards, I do have another I got it was all digital. I do read Flare at times, I been reading older ones and I do like Flare, not a whole lot, enough to support it and say it is worth a read. This one I have not read so I do not have any idea how this story is going.

Nyobi is something 100% new for me, I wanted to support them since they are my FB friend and the art looks good, I will post how it read and looks inside when I do read it. Really soon I thinking.

As for updates, I still plan to update the three days and will push it, Wednesday would be the easiest day to do. Friday will be other items and Monday be a review or story, then I will update randomly as I see fit. I will be posting some pictures tomorrow for everyone to see or Natural things, so hopefully, you are all here for that =3


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