New Comics 2019_07_31

This is my comics I got this week with a small review. Not detailed, but will also link amazon so you can get it that way (the images are the links btw).

Sheena Queen of Jungle from Dynamite

Sheena is a fun comic, I got it first to see how other companies do Jungle Girls so I can make sure mines match and do not match in ways. So far I am happy to say it does not match much and I am on track. Anyway, this Trade is actually pretty good, it has good action and semi-believable actions taken by characters. Sheena a bit naive, and of course people like her body, mostly it gets ignored which I do like. The art at times get’s iffy like the cover, that Right foot scares me, some more similar things happen on inside, not much, you will notice not so much. So I am happy with the story. I would recommend it for any Jungle Girl Fans, you never feel she is not one and she does not fight anything that is far from reality.

Teen Titans Raven, what to say… It does show another version of her origin, not the very beginning just the later teen parts. It is very nice to see a story where she has to learn who she is and learn to control her powers and how she was happy at one point as well as making friends that can help her. What is bad is I just have a feeling that she was changed a bit for this story and funny enough this is not the last one, I think all the Titans are getting this make over and honestly I am not really happy with that. Do not get me wrong I love changes, really I rather have this then feather raven, I just feel there was a better way to do this then doing it this way, also this changes her origins with all other versions. I would still read any of these if you like the character and do not mind a different origin. If you do not like that then do not bother. Art is great honestly, I thought I would not like it, at end, it matches the comic nicely.

Guncats, well, it is a nice story about two Bounty Hunters that go after the dog you see on the cover and instead of giving him up they keep him and everyone wants the dog, well the main bad guy wants him and well she has enough money to make everyone want them dead. So they end up, basically a mix of luck and skills, killing everyone or turning them in for more money. All along having a fun adventure. This is a fun read I really hope they make more of this series. This small story is fun, you learn about them, not tons, just enough to like them more and more. Really it is good, the art at times can feel a bit rushed or sloppy, still fits the mood of the story and works for the comic.

These I will do fast as well they are just comics not trades and I did not read two of them yet.

Starcraft, it is about a place people that survive, live and a Protoss, I am 90% sure it is, is trying to get into this area that is protective and has a Terran do it for him. It is really a simple story and you can see where it is headed, and art is not great. Oz, has been a great story, Dorothy is trapped looking like an evil person and everyone that trust her is dying as she tries to get back her kingdom. So far it is great art is great as always, Zenoscope is good for art after all. Casper is a few stories that has Casper and friends in simple adventures nothing to write home about it is Casper after all.

Dollface and Zombie Tramp I have not read yet, I am pretty far behind in both more Zombie Tramp then Dollface. Once I catch up I will update you all on that, most likely will do a huge big update on them or a few comics each.

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