Comics 2019/06/12

Hello all, my pull list for comics this week =3 hope you all like.

Cute artwork

I just had to get this, it has Gwen, mostly got it for the cuteness factor.

Youngblood Trades Volume 1&2 2017-2018 Series

I do like Youngblood, I am a big fan of Team comics like Youngblood, JSA, Avengers, Protectors and so on, I just like team books and what they bring also you won’t get sick of just the one character being able to take out something they can’t take out just because of story says so. I have some of the issues of this series mostly the odds like 3,5,7, and so on… Missing lots, I got the trades instead =3

Accell and Outsiders

Accell is about a speedster I have to read it since it has one of my favorite artist drawing it, Damion Scott is great really good with flexible characters in my opinion. Outsiders is all for Cassie I love her wish they never did what they did and wish they give her the Young Justice outfit. I still will read this hopefully they will fix her and give her what she deserves.

Zenoscope comics.

Robyn Hood is one of my favorite Zenoscope characters I love how they turn those characters into semi good characters. Hellchild I like to some degree this character this series is only on issue 3 so I plan to read it soon.

Mr/s Meeseeks and Red Sonja

Mr. Meeseeks is for my sister mostly I will read it just mostly for her. Red Sonja new series once I read it I will tell everyone what I think when I read it.

This is it for this weeks comic run!!! I got other items as well, I may show them as well once I get them =3

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