Eule’s Vision and Liberty Dew

Let’s all start with the newest Mountain Dew, Liberty Brew, it suppose to be 50 combos of the other flavors. Honestly all I can say is, it taste really good, flavor is great and the after taste is good, all very good it maybe my favorite flavor of Mtn Dew. I would suggest you all to try it once and taste it, so far I give it a great rating from me, way better then Baja Blast and my favorite Code Red, well it is suppose to have those flavors too. So give it a try and tell me what you guys think =3

Eule’s Vision, this is from the Kickstarter I did on Friday, as I said I would read it and tell you guys how it was. Let’s go through the steps…

  1. Story – It was well short feeling it is really only one comic so far, so can’t tell much from it. It did flow well, not great. 9/13
  2. Art – The art is very very good, the only thing I hated was the many many times they used close-ups for the panels. It was great otherwise, the fight scenes were not too messy and the art is great, just the close-ups, too many of them. 10/13
  3. Characters – Well, as I said before it is hard to get into the characters and story with one issue, I do like the main character a bit, they dove into her some although some things are still confusing I am sure it will get ironed out over time. 10/13
  4. Overall – It was not a bad comic, was a good read and also was shiny!! lol, It is worth a read tho I would wait for a trade or more issues, and also get your fav cover!!! Overall it is a good 10 outta 13.
The many covers of Eule’s Vision.
Check out the website =3

Well, hope you all like this review, honestly I know many others do this sorta thing and way way better so I figure I just do small fast ones so you can get an idea nothing fancy or overwhelming. Just short and sweet, besides I have other things I rather have you read then this!!! Wait till next week.

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