Mail Call!!!

Looks like I got some mail the last few days =3 First of which is one item I got for pledging in a Kickstarter I am actually shocked it came, I was not suspecting it at all.

Eule’s Vision Comic, metal bookmark, trading cards, button and sticker
Eule’s Vision back of trading cards and Prints

Yes, my Eule’s Vision Rewards came in and really I am shocked I do not remember it being this much and the Bookmark I plan to use over this weekend. I just got the comic yesterday and plan to read it at my crappy night job, so most likely I will post a review about it and other comics I read this weekend or on Monday =3 I will also ask the Kickstarter where others can buy the comic so I can share with anyone that wants one.

The prints are great I can not wait till I frame them and hang them on the wall =3 will be a great addition for me. The Trading cards, that is a hard one I want to hang the back picture but the different cards are nice, so I will have to choose one to hang up, not fair really!!! The sticker I plan to save for my next laptop or tablet/Chromebook I am not sure yet, but I will be placing it on one of the two, and the button I have no idea, I keep losing them or breaking them so I have no plans to put it anywhere I may add it to the wall. As for the bookmark, I already said I plan to use it this weekend, I read comics and books at work and use cards to hold my place, not anymore =3 great day!!!


This also came this week. I heard they brought back the New Coke and figure I would buy some, and found a nice shirt to get was a very hard choice, I think I picked a good one. Too bad, it smelt like vinegar or I would wear it soon, looks like I will wear it Tuesday or Weds for work ^_^ It looks great and I can not wait to wear it!!! I also brought the new coke drink they are not out yet so will have to wait and see about that. Once it comes I will report to you all about it!!! For now, this is part of my coke collection =3 I did like coke 2 when it was out, I was younger I did not hate it and got it a few times, so hopefully, it tastes good, I will do a compare test when I get it.

To get this and more go here – (not sponsored by coke, I wish tho tell them =3)

I think that is it for my mail call this week, so far this week is fun, wait till I start to get loot boxes and other things =3 more way more to come!!!

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