Comics 2019/06/05

My newest very new comics!!!

Princess Ninja, Black Cat Variant #1, Red Sonja #5 and Ghost Spider #9

I saw Princess Ninja and figured it would be a nice read, and cute, so far by looking though it I am not disappointed. When I actually read it I will inform everyone about it =3

Red Sonja, I always get I need to catch up on this series I am a bit behind sadly 🙁

Ghost Spider, I love how this story arc is going and love how she uses the venom suit much better then Peter ever did.

Black Cat I saw this chibi cover and had to get it, it is super cute =3 also got a blank cover Thinking of drawing on it and selling it what you all think? Maybe not great but be fun =3

Black Cat Blank Variant #1, Lady Death Merciless Onslaught #1, Hot Shots #4 and Lady Mechanika #1

Lady Death story, this maybe a new one, I only really look though it seems good so far!!

Hotshots coming to an end soon, once it is over I will review it all for everyone, I think that be good. I do like the idea of it tho it kinda reminds me of Charlies Angels a bit.

Lady Mechanika new story!!! I do like her old ones and this one seems to be headed in the same path so hopefully, I enjoy it, I may get the trade instead of the single issues, after this one. Just because Lady Mechanika seems to do better in a trade for me.

FEMForce #!86

FEMForce, I liked this comic for ages, I really hate what they did with Tara, I still read it after a year or two of not reading. At that time they were barely doing 11 pages of the title FEMForce book now they seem to do a bit more. Once I read this I will get back to you all, so far it seems at least 70% is FEMForce.

This is it for my comics I got this week =3 TY my LCS for ordering them for me and always making sure the comics are in good condition when I get them and boarded with protected bag =3. Any questions be free to message me and thank you all for reading =3

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